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Mercedes | M-Spec PerformanceQualified Mercedes Benz Shop in Middle Village, Queens and Lindenhurst, Long Island

Owning and driving a Mercedes Benz is a luxury. One of the marque of German Engineering, Mercedes Benz engineers great cars. Many times Mercedes Benz technology is 10 to 15 years in advance of domestic and japanese car makes. For that reason it is important that you select a qualified shop to service your Mercedes Benz with expert technicians, specialized tools and equipment and use Original Equipment or better parts. If you are looking for the best hands to service your Mercedes Benz then you have found us!

What is the difference between M-Spec Performance and a general repair shop?

Although there are many really great repair shops out there and so many to choose from, it is important to ask a few very important questions. Does the shop have technicians that are experienced and trained to work on Mercedes Benz? Do they have specialized tools such as computer scanners and factory level Mercedes Benz tools that are made specifically to perform advanced operations and procedures? Do they use quality Mercedes Benz parts and do they back their work with a great warranty? At M-Spec Performance we have expert technicians with years of experience working on Mercedes Benz. We also invest in having the proper tools and equipment to service Mercedes flawlessly. We only use the best parts however a part is only as good as the guarantee which is why we provide an industry-leading 3-year 36,000-mile warranty on most of our repair and service work.

Mercedes Benz dealership alternative in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island

It is important to understand that to service your Mercedes Benz, you don’t have to visit the dealership! M-Spec Performance is your Mercedes Benz shop dealership alternative. Our technicians attend Mercedes Benz technical training every year. In fact we require all of our amazing technicians to attend over 40 hours of training each year to stay on top of the latest technology and trends in the Mercedes Benz repair industry. We also pride ourselves on having the full capabilities of performing any repair function like the Mercedes Benz dealership. To give our clients the peace of mind they deserve we offer our industry-leading warranty.

I have a new model Mercedes Benz, don’t I have to return to the dealership for maintenance and service?

The answer is absolutely not. In fact, the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act specifically allows independent repair shops to perform all maintenance and repair services without affecting any new car warranty. We are qualified to take care of all of our maintenance needs on your Mercedes Benz.

My Mercedes Benz needs service, can I stop by? Do I make an appointment?

To give all of our clients the right amount of time, we highly suggest calling us to make an appointment. You can also fill out our online form here. If it is an emergency we can make accommodations to see your vehicle as soon as possible.