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Great Opportunity to Join Our Team as a Service Advisor

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My name is Adam Liu and I’m the Co-Owner & President of M-Spec Performance and Essential Auto Care. We started our career as shop owners over 10 years ago and genuinely wanted to help people with their cars. Our business was built on building trusting relationships with our customers. We still believe that is the best formula for success today.

Not all shop owners would agree with me, but I feel that the Service Advisor/Writer is the most important position in an independent auto repair shop. It’s also one of the toughest positions in our industry. Successful shops, no matter what name is on the building, are lead by honest, competent, caring and driven Service Writers, period. The best marketing in the world can’t make up for the wrong type of person answering the phones. The best techs in town have empty bays when a good Service Advisor is missing up front.

We are looking for an honest, competent, caring and motivated Service Advisor to join our team and help take great care of our customers. We do a ton of marketing to help keep the phones ringing and bays full. That marketing is assisted by our hundreds of five-star online reviews, most of which are on Google and Yelp. Just google “M-Spec Performance” and you can see for yourself. We have locations in Queens and Long Island. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity I’d love to talk with you. Give me a call at 718 386-2790. If I don’t answer, just leave a message and I will call you back. I want to talk to you personally!

Candidates should have:

  • 1 year of automotive experience
  • Great Aptitude, Attitude, and Ethics

Thank you for your time. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.



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