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Dinan Exhaust And Springs For The G30 540i

Dinan Free Flow Axle Back Exhaust System w/ Black Tips For the BMW  G30 540i  D660-0078-BLK

Utilizing the same muffler as its B58 siblings the G30 540i exhaust improves exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, resulting in increased power output and a great sporty sound that is civilized when you want it to be, and pleasantly aggressive under hard acceleration. Not only is the tone improved but the additional burbles and pops that also accompany it are simply intoxicating. While on the exterior the sound may be viewed as aggressive the inside of the cabin is still civil courtesy of an incorporated Helmholtz chamber design that reduces resonance or “drone” at low RPM.   While sound is of the utmost importance for any exhaust system the fit and finish are nearly equally as vital. The system is built to exacting specifications to ensure perfect fit using the factory hangers and is made from 100% 16 gauge 304 stainless steel that will resist corrosion for years to come. What is most different about the 540i system however is a completely new tip design from anything Dinan has done prior. The use of twin, massive quadrilateral,  black ceramic coated and engraved angled tips are hard not to to take notice of. With over 8″ of width and 4″ of height per tip, the rear of the 540i assumes a more aggressive demeanor with the Dinan exhaust system. A high-performance look that marries well with the tonal makeover.

Benefits of the Dinan Free Flow Axle-Back Exhaust System for the G30 540i:

  • Maximum gain of +6 HP and +5 ft-lb of torque
  • Enjoyably louder, sportier Sound
  • 2 massive quadrilateral black ceramic coated tips with laser engraved Dinan logo
  • 100% 304 stainless steel construction
  • Helmholtz chamber to reduce drone
  • Factory computer controlled valve is eliminated for maximum flow and sound at all times
  • Bolt-on installation; Includes mounting hardware

Dinan G30 540i Exhaust – Sound ClipDinan Performance Spring Set For the   BMW  G30 540i (RWD)  D100-0933

Dinan Performance Spring Set for the BMW 540i (RWD)

D193-3071 Dinan Ride Quality and Handling Kit for the BMW 540i (RWD)

Suspension systems that not only transform the stance of the vehicle but also maintain ride quality and improve upon handling are what Dinan suspensions are known for. This is accomplished by pairing springs sets with bump stops, spring perches or both to maintain suspension travel resulting in a smooth ride while also improving mechanical grip and handling. This is what makes Dinan suspension systems unique. While we are able to sell each component separately it is highly recommend that both the spring sets and the supplemental ride quality and handling kits are used in tandem in order to maintain the Dinan quality standards our customers are used to. Experience the Dinan difference with this combination and enjoy the ride it provides.

Dinan’s Performance Spring set for the G30 540i (RWD) provides greater control over body roll by virtue of carefully calibrated spring rates. Additionally, Dinan lowers the 540i by a 7/8″ in the front and rear for improved suspension geometry and an even more aggressive stance. The Dinan springs are CNC wound with high tensile chrome silicon wire and shot peened for stress relief to last the life of the car. The 15% increase in stiffness will reduce the rear suspension compression under acceleration and front suspension compression (or dive) under braking, giving your car a more controlled feel. The Dinan performance springs will also provide a noticeable improvement in grip, for high speed driving situations that will inspire confidence in your car’s capabilities. The reduced body roll makes the steering more responsive to driver input and will be noticed at speeds as low as 20 mph, up to the top speed of the vehicle.    Benefits of the Dinan Performance Spring Set for the BMW G30 540i (RWD):

  • 15% increase in spring stiffness in front and rear.
  • Lowers the vehicle 7/8″ in the front and rear.
  • Substantial reduction in body roll
  • Noticeable decreased understeer.
  • Preset to prevent spring sag.
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