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History of the Volvo Logo

The Surprising History of the Volvo Logo

You Probably Don’t Know the History of the Volvo Logo

Volvos are known to be reliable cars, but some people have wondered why the logo is the male gender symbol. Volvos are Swedish, and the name “Volvo” is Latin for “I roll.” Whether you’re a Volvo owner or you’re just interested in the history of its logo, you might be confused about the logo. Our ASE team of certified technicians at M-Spec Performance, located in Queens, New York, are European auto repair specialists who are experienced in Volvo repair, and we’ll explain the surprising history of the Volvo logo.

What does the Volvo logo mean?

Although it is the male gender logo, it’s a logo that represents other things as well. During the Renaissance, the icon became synonymous with the male gender. However, it actually originated in ancient Rome, and alchemists used it for something else. The symbol is actually an ancient alchemist’s symbol for iron. It’s also the symbol for the planet Mars, symbolizing strength, energy, and power. The logo is also known as the “Iron Mark.” The founders of Volvo, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson wanted a strong image inspired by their time working for a Swedish steel company. During their time, Sweden had a strong reputation for steel production. Volvo’s badge represents “rolling strength.”

The history of Volvo and its redesign

The very first Volvo was released in April 1927. There have only been a few slight redesigns, one in 2014. Even after Ford purchased Volvo Car Corp in 1999, there was one stipulation: The Volvo name and logo must continue being used. Now, Volvo’s brand identity is in a holding company co-owned by Volvo and Ford.

Get Volvo repair at M-Spec Performance

Did you know about the history of the Volvo logo and what it means? Volvo owners should know that Volvos were made to be strong, even down to their logo. Here at M-Spec Performance in Queens, our expert Volvo repair technicians at our auto shop are here to solve any problems that arise in your Volvo. We pair excellent customer service with quality and quick automotive service to ensure your Volvo is rolling strong. Call (347) 572-7820 to get Volvo repair to always have your Volvo car or SUV ready for the road!

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