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Suspension Problems with VW

Know These Common Volkswagen Suspension Problems

Watch Out for These Red Flags in Volkswagens!

In the last ten years, many Volkswagen owners have reported some suspension problems. However, proper maintenance is key, and you can avoid suspension problems with good preventative car service at an auto repair shop that specializes in Volkswagen repair. At M-Spec Performance, located in Queens, New York, our team of Volkswagen specialists offers Volkswagen repair, and we want you to know about these common suspension problems.

Your car is unleveled

Have you noticed your Volkswagen has one side that sags lower than the other? Surprisingly, this isn’t an uncommon problem, and it’s usually because of low pressure and worn springs in the suspension system. Some people have noted that this problem is more noticeable after driving over speed bumps. If you drive over bumps in the road, a bad spring may cause a clunking sound. Get Volkswagen repaired at an auto repair shop to fix this issue because this problem only gets worse with time.

You can’t control your steering

Is your Volkswagen difficult to drive? If it is difficult to keep straight, it might be related to a problem with the suspension system. However, having difficulties driving may also be due to different problems such as low power steering fluid or wheel misalignment. If your Volkswagen has poor wheel alignment, you will feel like you’re fighting with the steering wheel while you’re turning or trying to drive straight. One factor people overlook minor car accidents. Even minor car accidents can cause wheel misalignment. Unfortunately, steering issues can be hard to diagnose. Only an experienced mechanic will be able to determine if your Volkswagen has steering issues relating to suspension system problems.

Your car leans while you brake or speed

If your Volkswagen overacts to changes in momentum, it’s an indication of worn springs that are unable to secure a vehicle’s position. When a Volkswagen has worn springs, it may nosedive while braking, lean backward during acceleration, or roll to one side during turns. This problem can be very dangerous while you drive, so it’s critical to get auto repair once you notice this problem.

Get Volkswagen repair if you notice these symptoms

Volkswagens are complex that deserves professional care, especially suspension problems. If you’re located near Queens, New York, come to M-Spec Performance! We are a European auto repair shop that specializes in Volkswagen repair. Our team of ASE-certified technicians will ensure your Volkswagen is safe to drive. Call us at (347) 572-7820 to get access to free shuttle service, after-hours drop, pick-ups, concierge delivery, and various warranty options.

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