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Your Vehicle Snow Storm Checklist

The Essential Snow Storm Checklist

New York City has seen its fair share of snow this winter. Make sure to follow this check list and you’ll be sure to weather any storm!


  • Make sure the battery has been functioning properly and is fully charged. The cold weather may affect its performance, reducing its cranking power.
  • If the battery hasn’t been changed in years and is showing signs of weakness, replace it immediately.


  • Maintain visibility at all times. 
  • Fill wiper fluid in order to wipe away salt, dirt and mud.


  • Replace your wipers every 6 months or so. 


  • Avoid overworking your car. If your car is stuck in the snow and you’re slamming on the gas to get it out, your transmission light might go on.
  • Shoveling your car out instead of trying to slam through a mountain of snow may save you an unnecessary trip to the repair shop.


  • Engine oil can be affected during the cold weather. Make sure you are using the right oil formulated for winter use.
  • Keep up with maintenance on radiator and heater hoses. 


  • Make sure your tires have enough air. Rapid decrease in temperature will cause tires to lose air.
  • If your tires are worn out pick up a new set immediately.

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