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BMW X5, First Generation (2000, 2006)

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The BMW X5 was first released in 2000 with the chassis code E53. This was BMWs first SUV and there are currently 4 generations of the vehicle on the road today. With over a decade of experience of working on the X5 we have become familiar with a wide array of problems that occur with this particular model. At M-Spec Performance we are the X5 experts with the ability to solve any issue you may be facing! Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask questions!

Below is a list of common issues we have encountered:

First Generation X5 (2000-2006, E53)


  • Door handles(outside door handle carrier)
  • ABS/DSC module failure
  • Oil leaks
  • EHC failure (if equipped)
  • Failing crankcase vent systems(air oil separator)
  • Transfer case and servo motor failure if equipped with Xdrive
  • Rear subframe bushing failures


3.0L inline 6

  • Engine wiring harness failure

    4.4 v8/4.6is v8

  • Timing chain tensioner, creates catastrophic failure if vehicle is in motion.
  • Valley pan gasket failure
  • Coolant cover located on the rear of the engine block concealed by the transmission.

    4.8is v8

  • Internal water crossover pipe failure
  • Valve stem seal failure
  • Valvetronic failure
  • Secondary air injection systems clog

    If your X5 has been experiencing any drivability issues or warning lights it’s likely one or more of these are to blame. Call M-Spec Performance today and schedule an appointment for your X5 today!

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