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Carbon Build Up and Cleaning

Are You Experiencing Carbon Build Up?

Carbon build up is an issue in newer cars with direct fuel injection and are particularly severe on BMWs and VWs. Waste from fuel will eventually build up large amounts of carbon build up on the intake manifold, restricting air flow. When airflow to the engine is restricted the vehicle will begin to show an array of issues.

What are the symptoms?

  • -Drivability and engine issues
  • -Service engine light
  • -Engine shaking or vibrating
  • -Misfires
  • -Vehicle doesn’t feel as strong

How to Clean Carbon Build Up

In order to clean the carbon build up the intake manifold needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned using various methods. Once the intake manifold is removed it undergoes a combination of mechanical cleaning such as media or walnut blasting, and chemical formulas. Additional parts may be needed such as hoses and gaskets while performing this service. This cleaning is extremely important and many customers have said their car drives like new after the service. Other benefits are increased gas mileage as well!

How to Prevent Severe Carbon Build Up between Services

  • -Have your oil changed regularly and use the correct fuel
  • -Take your car for a long drive on the highway
  • -Using fuel additives

If you feel your vehicle is suffering from carbon build up give us a call today!

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