The Essential Snow Storm Checklist

New York City has seen its fair share of snow this winter. Make sure to follow this check list and you’ll be sure to weather any storm! Battery Make sure the battery has been functioning properly and is fully charged. The cold weather may affect its performance, reducing its cranking power. If the battery hasn’t […]

Top 4 Tips You Can Do For Your BMW

written by Adam Liu From the first time I sat behind the wheel of my first BMW 1995 M3 to my current 2016 M3 the feeling you get is immeasurable. If you are like me and the rest of the team at M-Spec Performance, we love our German cars! To keep this short and sweet, […]

Does the type of Coolant really matter? Short answer is YES!!!

This is a topic that comes up almost everyday here at M-Spec Performance. Questions about auto repair happen everyday but we see so many vehicle that come through our shop with the incorrect coolant in their system. We wanted to write a short article explaining some of the finer details of using the proper coolant […]

Hit the Brakes!

With all the stop and go traffic in New York City, it is important to have your vehicle’s braking system functioning at peak efficiency. I remember being eighteen, driving my 95′ BMW M3 and hearing that dreaded grinding noise when applying the brakes. I knew nothing of auto repair at the time, I just knew […]