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Common Land Rover Problems

Five Common Land Rover Problems

Learn Five Warning Signs of Land Rover Issues

Land Rover is one of the popular premiere brands, but many Land Rover owners have reported problems with their vehicles. Although Land Rover has a considerably low number of recalls in the auto world in the United States, these recalls still mean there are potentially hundreds of thousands of Land Rovers that have problems. M-Spec Performance in Lindenhurst, New York, specializes in Land Rover repair, and we believe it’s important that you know common Land Rover issues so you can be proactive and prevent serious damage. Below, learn five warning signs of Land Rover problems.

  1. Steering shaft issues
  2. The steering shaft consists of the shaft, wheel, and rack. If you hear loud sounds while you are turning your Land Rover’s steering wheel, the steering shaft may malfunction. Land Rover owners have noticed steering shaft problems while turning at low speeds.

  3. Electrical system problems and oil leaks
  4. Unfortunately, many Land Rover owners report oil leaks and electrical problems due to heater core failures and head gasket failures. Oil leaks often occur in valve cover gaskets and in oil cooler lines. Oil leaks can even happen before your Land Rover reaches 60,000 miles.

  5. Failing brakes
  6. Does your Land Rover screech when you hit the brakes? Parking brake failures are common due to wear, and they need to be readjusted. Land Rover owners have reported that the brakes may also wear out prematurely. Although most people are recommended to change brake pads every 50,000 miles, Land Rovers are different. It’s a good idea to check and replace Land Rovers after approximately 30,000 miles.

  7. Air suspension issues
  8. One common problem you may experience with a Land Rover can be air suspension issues. Land Rovers are known to have unreliable air suspension. It’s usually the first thing to go wrong, and after five or six years, the suspension will start to sag.

  9. Malfunctioning airbags
  10. Land Rover has made a recent recall due to a programming error in supplemental restraint systems (SRS). The SRS controls the airbags, and some Land Rovers have sensitive airbags that may unnecessarily turn on the airbag warning light. In other cases, internal wiring can break due to the misalignment of airbag springs and steering columns. Malfunctioning airbags are a critical problem because they can cause a serious life-threatening injuries. Make sure to get Land Rover repair by a trained technician who specializes in Land Rover repair to avoid malfunctioning airbags.

Avoid these problems with preventative Land Rover repair

Land Rovers come with excellent features, but repairs can be costly to repair if you ignore these above problems. If you’re located near Lindenhurst, New York, M-Spec Performance, our expert team of ASE-certified technicians specializes in Land Rover repair, and we use state-of-the-art technology to keep your luxury Land Rover SUV in optional condition. Call (631) 510-8955 to get top-tier Land Rover repair and maintenance, as well as free shuttle service, repair financing, and more.

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