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How To Pick The Right BMW Shop

Congradulations on owning the Ultimate Driving Machine! Ownership of a BMW is an awesome experience and it is a special one versus owning other brands. Your BMW hugs the road like no other and is definitely a special car. You want to pick the right BMW service center to bring your beloved vehicle to. Below are a few short paragraphs and tips on what to look out for when selecting the right shop for your BMW.


In today’s world we research everything! Call it the curse of the millenials (kidding!). There is a ton of information at our finger tips with a simple google search. Review sites such as Yelp and Google Maps are the new yellow pages. A great BMW specialist will have mostly glowing reviews. Read the indepth reviews and you can even contact the authors. Please do caution about focusing on negative reviews. Almost every business with have some negative reviews, it is only natural. Instead see if the shop responds with either a proper explanation or some sort of resolution with the customer. What we tell our clients is we are certainly not perfect. We try our very best for every client and treat their BMW as if it belonged to a family member. However mistakes and things can be overlooked from time to time. What makes us different is that we care and we will go the extra mile… the extra 10 miles to take care of our clients, everytime! 


Many shops out there can market themselves as being specialists or knowing how to properly service and repair BMW’s. The question is how do you really know? A great BMW specialist will be able to tell you about all of their technicians and their certifications. What you want to look out for is how many years has a shop been in business, were any of their technicians factory trained, do any of their technicians have any current ASE certifications, and do they attend continuing training. To give you an example, at M-Spec Performance all of our technicians are ASE certified, have been to factory training, have years of experience and attend continuing education. We are ready and willing to give you all the information on how proud we are of our technician team and their abilty to service your BMW.


A secondary consideration is the shop’s facility and equipment. Do they have a clean facility? Is there uniformity in the shop? Does the shop have the proper equipment and tools to perform the services needed? Just to very clear, a facilty and the tools do not perform a superior repair. People aka quality technicians are responsible for repairing your BMW correctly and properly. Quality technicians do however need to have a clean work environment and the right tools to get the job done. If you are interviewing a shop and they have a dirty facility, old equipment that does not look maintained and a general appearance that is not up to the standards of a BMW specialty shop then that may be a red flag.


The best shops will always look to build a long lasting relationship with their clients. Look for a BMW specialist that excels in customer service and provides value in their service. A good indication of the quality of relationship a shop is trying to build is what kind of warranty does that shop provide. For instance we offer a 3 year /36,000 mile warranty on all services and is also backed nationwide. We are looking to see our clients for years to come and want to provide that peace of mind that we are in their corner and are just a phone call away from giving them the help they need for their BMW. 

It is important to get these questions answered when selecting a BMW specialist for your BMW. It may require you to put in some time an analyze your options but will save you time, money and headache in the long run. 

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Written by M-Spec Performance