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How to Take Care of Your MINI Cooper

Follow These Tips to Prevent MINI Cooper Problems

MINI Coopers are high-performance vehicles, and they require high-quality auto care. At M-Spec Performance in Lindenhurst, New York, our ASE-certified team specializes in MINI repair. Learn some of our tips to know how to take care of your MINI Cooper.

Do some research on your MINI model

Certain MINI models need specific MINI repair. For example, some Coopers have electric power steering pump failure and can be fixed by replacing the cooling fan. Preventative maintenance can be easy if you know what to look for.

Use the right fluids

Getting the right engine oil is essential if you want your engine to run at a high performance. MINI Coopers require full synthetic oil, 5W-30. Full synthetic oil will ensure your Coopers have the right protection and lubrication for your car. Additionally, MINI engines require high-octane fuel. (The minimum for MINI Coopers is 91 octane, and 95 is ideal for your engine’s best performance.)

Take care of your Cooper’s transmission

Change your Cooper’s transmission oil regularly to reduce wear and transmission failure. It’s recommended that you should change your Cooper’s transmission oil between 30,000 and 40,000 miles.

Replace Your MINI’s water pump before it fails

Cooper engines are made of special light alloys, and they are sensitive to overheating. However, with a regular maintenance routine, you can avoid overheating by replacing the water pump and thermostat approximately every 50,000 miles.

Don’t avoid brake problems

Brake replacements are quick, so if you ever notice any problems with your brakes, don’t avoid them for the sake of your vehicle, your safety, and everyone on the road.

Get MINI repair

Don’t worry about getting MINI repair when you realize you need it. At M-Spec Performance in Lindenhurst, New York, we know German cars and specialize in MINI repair. We are a specialty European auto shop, and our ASE-certified team will service your MINI to expert standards. Our expert technicians are factory trained, and we’re here to keep your MINI running at its best performance. Schedule an appointment online or call (631) 510-8955 to get MINI repair, as well as additional accommodations such as free shuttle services, free Wi-Fi, digital communications and payments, rental vehicles, and more.

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