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We are keeping it GREEN with our Digital Inspections!

Believe it or not a auto repair shop can go through a lot of paper a year. The conventional workflow process for a client vehicle is multiple sheets of paper getting printed. These papers normally called work orders contain all the pertainant information of the client, what the vehicle concerns are, and what work is to be performed. One copy is made for the technician and one copy is made for the counter man. Generally this paper gets updated and reprinted every time there is new information to be added and the client authorizes further service. This can add up to up to 10-15 sheets per car. If your average shop sees 40-50 cars a week that means an ordinary week can use up to 400 sheets up paper minimally!

We here at M-Spec Performance have implemented a system called Mobile Manager. This tablet and cloud based technology allows us to minimize the amount of paper we need to use on a day to day basis. All of our highly trained technicians have a tablet. All the work orders are stored digitally on the tablet. When work is dispatched to the technician he can easily pull up the information and make any edits needed. Vice versa our Client Managers can then update and make any additions on the fly. All this adds up to savings of a lot of paper and helping us create a Green business. 

M-Spec Performance strives to be a client first and forward thinking company. We are proud to be a green repair shop servicing the Queens and Brooklyn NY area.   

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