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E46 M3 Valve Adjustment

BMW Valve Cover Adjustment, Queens, New York

E46 M3 Valve Adjustment

Engine valves rapidly open and close making them one of the hardest working components on your E46 M3. This service is often overlooked and can cause some unwanted issues such as loss of power, decreased fuel efficiency and complete engine failure. At M-Spec Performance we recommend valve adjustments around 50,000 miles and routinely inspected at about 20,000 miles.

What are the symptoms of malfunctioning valves?

Ticking Noises This is the most common issue you’ll hear when you have valve issues. The M3 will make louder ticking noises when accelerating. The ticking noise can be either from worn out components or lack of lubrication.

Blue smoke from the tailpipe Ticking noises can also be accompanied by blue smoke from the tailpipe. These symptoms can come from multiple failing valve components and should be checked by a professional immediately.

Engine power failure Frequent power loss can also be a symptom of a malfunctioning valve and components. Although this issue can lead to serious complications if left untreated, a professional will usually be able to quickly locate the valve issue and regain power.

At M-Spec Performance we are the M3 experts. With over a decade in the industry and a team of ASE certified technicians, there is no issue with your BMWs valve components that we can’t solve! We recommend valve adjustments to be performed when recommended in order to prevent costly and unnecessary repairs in the future. Please give us a call today and receive a complimentary vehicle consultation!

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